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Can you trust your mechanic?

According to 2016 survey by AAA, two out of three vehicle owners don’t trust mechanics. Many cite the reason being that they are overcharged for certain services or constantly pushed on paying for other services that think they do not need. Another reason mentioned is distrust due to negative past experiences at auto repair shops. We understand the stress of finding an auto repair shop that you can actually trust, especially after dealing with a bad service center. Our goal is to help our customers overcome this distrust and learn ways to spot the trustworthy auto repair shops and the ones to avoid.

A car dealership can look attractive for repairs and services because the mechanics are specially trained in your specific vehicle and they often offer a warranty. However, dealership prices are much higher than local auto repair shops and dealerships are notorious for recommending services that aren’t always necessary for your vehicle. Plus – if you have multiple family cars that are different manufacturers, it can often be a hassle when more than one family car needs work and has to be brought to different dealerships rather than one local auto repair shop that can service and repair all types of vehicles.

It’s true – there are bad auto repair shops out there. However, there are also shops out there that are passionate about what they do and work hard to provide honest and friendly service to their community. We recommend looking at shops that are certified, clean, friendly, and honest. It is highly recommended by most that a car owner should find a shop that they can trust with all of their vehicle’s needs before a major repair is needed. Local repair shops are reliant on their repeat customers and are dedicated to providing excellent service to their customers to keep them coming back. It is because of this reason that you can expect that your local auto repair shop has your best interest in mind, or they risk not having you return.

It’s a good idea to give a shop a chance by visiting for a small repair, such as an oil change or tire rotation. This will give you the opportunity to scope out the shop’s location as well as the waiting area and cleanliness. You can also chat with the service writers and mechanics and get to know the staff and what the business is about. If you connect with the staff and feel that their process of the service you received was thorough and honest, then you may have found yourself a shop that you can trust.

The best local repair shops are those that staff ASE certified technicians that are regularly trained on new vehicles and trends in the industry. You can always ask your auto repair shop about their mechanic’s qualifications. Most mechanics are also previous dealership mechanics and are often Master certified for certain vehicle manufacturers. Many local auto repair shops staff mechanics that are just as qualified and experienced as dealership mechanics. Local auto repair shops are also trained for a variety of vehicle manufacturers which makes it much easier if you have multiple family cars that need services or repairs. It is also always a good idea to use the internet to look up reviews of the shop on their website and to check out their BBB rating to get a better idea of other local customer’s experiences.

At Cherokee Service in West St. Paul, MN, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. We won’t recommend any service that we don’t feel is completely necessary to the integrity of your vehicle and your safety on the road. We give full estimates of our work before completing anything and always speak with you directly about exactly what the services or repairs consist of and a breakdown of cost. Our goal is to make each one of our customers a returning customer for years to come. We look forward to meeting you and servicing your vehicle soon!

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